Mikhail Zharkov

Zharkov image2

Released Date
-5% Protection
+3% Speed
Tactical Vest armour
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction: None
NX Cost
7 Days - 2,900 NX
30 Days - 5,900 NX
90 Days - 10,900 NX
Permanent - 19,900 NX
GP Cost
7 Days - 19,500 GP
30 Days - 39,500 GP

Mikhail Zharkov earned his maroon beret in the Spetsnaz shortly before the dissolve of the Soviet Bloc, but went rogue after a spat with a commanding officer left three men in the hospital. He is known for his overwhelming dominance on the battlefield, as well as his methodical approach to bloodshed.
  — Combat Arms Command 

Mikhail Zharkov is a male Mercenary who was released in the 8-21-13 Content Update.

Zharkov is available for hire for 7, 30, or 90 days in both the Shop and the Black Market.


Like Max, Zharkov has a Tactical Vest with -5% Protection and +3% Speed. As with other Mercenaries, he is unable to equip other vests and camouflage.

In essence, Zharkov is a cosmetic alternative to Max; he can be bought with both NX and GP, whereas she can only be purchased with GP.

Both Zharkov and Max are outclassed by the Combat Vest, however, which offers more speed with none of the protection penalties, also costing less in both GP & NX.





Silver II
2-Silver Star


GP Standard Zharkov
NX Standard Zharkov


  • From August 21-27, 2013, Zharkov could be hired for 15% off his regular NX price. During this time, he was also available for a permanent duration as part of his preview sale.
  • Zharkov is the first standard Mercenary to be released since Max, three years prior in 2010.
  • Zharkov is the first Russian character, and was soon followed by Lynx.


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