Nexon's Zero-Tolerance Hack Policy is a policy set in place by Nexon for Combat Arms. As the name suggests, it is a policy in which hackers recieve no slack from Nexon when punishment comes into issue.

Effect on the Community

The Zero-Tolerance Hack Policy has had a large effect on the community, negative and positive. Many players have been banned, which not only affects those players, but also scares others from hacking. It has also made people lose friends who they thought were legit.

It has also made some players afraid to use 3rd Party Programs, such as Fraps, or GameBooster, due to fear of them being recognized as hack programs.

Reception (Effectiveness/Criticism)

Many players feel that this policy is working, mainly due to the decrease of hackers, and large number of high ranked players being banned. On the flip side, many say that the decrease is just due to the time of the policy's enactment; so close to the examination period for most students. As well, they feel that the high ranked players who are banned get much slack, as they are largly just suspended for a week, and not actually banned forever.


  • A policy such as this has been suggested a very large number of times, on the forums, before it was enacted.
  • Since the announcement of the Second Chance Policy, the Zero Tolerance Hack Policy seems to have ended.

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