A spec ops G36E variant with a custom camouflage designed for use in multiple environments. Performs on par with the standard G36E.\nIt looks like a funny ugly sweater, good for a year-end party.
  — Item Description 

The Xmas Swag: G36E Valkyrie is a 3-Star Silver Grade Assault Rifle and is a cosmetic variant of the G36E family. It was first released on the 14.12.2016 December Deals .


The Xmas Swag: G36E Valkyrie's design comes with the Christmas Holidays in mind; the weapon is painted in red, green, and white paint all over and is covered with pattern designs of similar colors. There is a red Reindeer on the Magazine.

The Xmas Swag: G36E Valkyrie is a reskin of the (ACE) G36E Valkyrie; giving it a range increase of 60 points more than the regular Valkyrie and is also part of the XMAS Swag Set - giving the user with all Set items a Set bonus.

Variants & Set

Events & Trivia


Draw Firing
Reload Sprint
In-scope Firing

  • G36E Valkyrie FIRE
  • G36E Valkyrie DRYFIRE
  • G36E Valkyrie RELOAD1
    "Reload 1"'
  • G36E Valkyrie RELOAD2
    "Reload 2"'
  • G36E Valkyrie RELOAD3
    "Reload 3"'
  • G36E Valkyrie SELECT
  • G36E Valkyrie DESELECT