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Br De Fr
Main XM8
NX cost

1 Day - 900 NX

7 Days - 3,400 NX

30 Days - 6,500 NX

90 Days - 11,900 NX

Permanent - 24,900 NX




Below Average


Integrated Scope

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire75
Firing modes






Iron Sight

IRL XM8 rifle

This new generation rifle, based on the G36 is known for it's ergonomic design and its use of reinforced polymers in its construction. Its reduced recoil and versatile parts makes it a very reliable weapon.
  — Item Description 

The XM8 is a NX-Standard Assault Rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch.


The damage is a 4 hit kill,but it does have higher damage dropoff over range,causing it to become a 5 hit kill faster then most other assault rifles. It shares the same maximum range as many other assault rifles,shooting just as far before the bullets cease to hit their target at all.

It has an above average rate of fire,allowing it to easily cut down enemies who engage the user in CQC. Furthermore,its maximum spread is lower then average for assault rifles,making it a very strong contender up close,as it's damage and it's spraying accuracy will outperform most other assault rifles at this range.

The unzoomed spread is smaller then average,allowing the first shot while standing still to be a bulls-eye. It recovers from spread and gains spread on par with other assault rifles,being able to fire the same length bursts before becoming inaccurate.

The weapon's recoil will cause it to kick upwards for the first 2 shots,then it will start to drift left and right horizontally,alternating between the two every 2 shots after the initial. Normally,this would make the weapon less friendly for tap-fire purposes,but it does recover from recoil faster then most,making the weapon a strong tap-fire weapon. Bursts of full auto can be used at close to medium ranges.

The XM8 is lighter than many other assault rifles, with a high portability rating of 65.

The XM8 is equipped with a sniper scope, a trait rarely seen within the Assault Rifles category. Its magnification is that of the L96A1.



NX Standard XM8
Festive XM8-Scorpions
Flag of the European Union PSY's XM8
Cousin G36E
G36E Valkyrie
Visionary G36E Valkyrie
Raven's G36C
Loaded (ACE) G36E Valkyrie
Yuletide Persuader(G36E)
Gewehr 43(G36E)
Yuletide Persuader
Autumn G36E Valkyrie
G36E Italian
Israeli G36E
Dual G36E


  • On 01-24-11, an authorized Preview Sale allowed "trend-setters" to purchase the XM8 early on. The sale lasted for one day (01-24-11 through 01-25-11), starting and ending at 4:00 PM PST.
    • This marked the first preview sale ever.
  • If one purchased a XM8 for permanent during the Valentine's Day Weekend,they would get a Tiger Strider for 90 days; disappointing people who purchased the XM8 permanently during the Preview Sale.
  • During the Black Friday Sale (2012), it was sold at 18,675 NX for permanent duration.


  • The XM8 was one of the top-requested weapons on the forums.
  • This gun was the third gun to be on sale for permanent duration for a limited time. The first was the M1866, and then the XK-8 Tactical.
  • This is the first gun to have a permanent duration sale twice.
  • If one looks at the weapon while it is reloading, they'd notice the safety selector switch is flat and not a 3-dimensional object.
  • The side of the rifle's scope states that it is a 4x rifle scope.
  • If looked at a third person view the XM8 on the right side will say XM8 backwards as "8MX".


  • The drawing animation of the XM8.
  • The firing animation of the XM8.
  • The reloading animation of the XM8.
  • The scoping animation of the XM8.
  • The sprinting animation of the XM8.

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