This new generation rifle, based on the G36 is known for it's ergonomic design and its use of reinforced polymers in its construction. Its reduced recoil and versatile parts makes it a very reliable weapon.
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The XM8 is a 2-Star Silver Grade NX-Standard Assault Rifle manufactured by Heckler & Koch.


The XM8 is lighter than many other assault rifles, having a low weight of 10 points. It's high fire rate of 300 points and it's light portability makes up for it's high damage dropoff. It's recoil is relatively low at 26, and it's spread recovery rate is relatively quick, like the FAMAS. The XM8 comes with a pre-attached scope of the same magnification as the L96A1, a relatively rare trait seen within the Assault Rifles category.

The (ACE) variant of the XM8 comes with an increased range of 30 points.


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