This is the latest bullpup model rifle. Although it is similar in appearance to the TAR-21, it was built with the strength and power of a K-2 rifle.
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The Daewoo XK-8 is a Korean Bullpup GP-Standard Assault Rifle introduced in the 11-16-10 Patch.


The XK-8 is an Assault Rifle that comes pre-attached with the Swarovski (AUG) scope. However, its performance at long-range combat is below average mostly due to the accuracy. The XK-8 is similar in appearance to the TAR-21 but it has the power of the K2. This gun is a 3-4 shot kill and has high spread similar to the G36E. However, this gun isn't very popular due to the fact of its price, difficulty to use, and its rank unlock.

Variants & Custom Changes


  • The XK-8 is the first Assault Rifle to share a scope with another weapon that is from an entirely different family.
  • The scope lens, when viewed without scoping in, is covered with a layer of dirt, making it look similar to the Wasteland Goggles's lens. However, this does not affect the clarity when scoped in.
  • The scoped in image, is the same as the AUG A1/Black image, with the water drop shape, even though that when scoped out the scope is round.
  • The reload animation is actually the same as the FS2000 and the F2000's reload, at 2.9 seconds.
  • The XK-8 is a prototype Assault Rifle made by Daewoo (the company that made the K2, K3, K1A, K5, and K7).  Submitted by Daewoo as a replacement for the K2, it was rejected by ROKA and was never mass produced.
  • This gun's weapon model bears some similarities to the FS2000 and F2000 with a different color and a sight attached.


  • The draw animation of the XK-8.
  • The firing animation of the XK-8.
  • The burst mode firing animation of the XK-8.
  • The scoping animation of the XK-8.
  • The reload animation of the XK-8.
  • The sprint animation of the XK-8.