The superpower nations, in order to put an end to this age of chaos, established a new world order and created the World Federation Organization. But such actions only resulted in a greater division between the rich and the poor...
  — Dev Blog 12/5/12 

The World Federation Organization (formerly known as the United Alliance Forces) is a international military organization that has established a new world order in Combat Arms.


In order to end worldwide conflict, the world's most powerful countries banded together to create the ultimate world government.

In opposition to the group, however, a number of third-world countries came together to create the Third World Union; the anti-thesis to the WFO. To combat the interests of the World Federation Organization, the TWU formed Creed, its main military branch, and began staging attacks in various parts of the world.

As a result, the WFO formed the Joint Special Forces, or JSF. Many of their soldiers & mercenaries take part in special operations around the globe. A few of these include taking part in the Mourkedische Conflict, and participating in the joint assault against NEMEXIS HQ


  • The WFO may actually be sponsored by the United States of America, specifically the Navy, as the player's default weapon, the M16A3, is only used by the Navy. In addition, the left breast pocket of the avatars has a label that reads: "U.S. ..." But the rest is cut off by a backpack strap.
  • The United Alliance Forces (UAF) became the WFO after the NEMEXIS Evil Never Dies event.
  • The JSF first became known with the release of Kill Creek.