The World Cooltime System is an in-game global timer that acts as an auto-balancing feature. It prevents repetitive use of specific powerful special or support items that affect a current round of combat. When one of these items, such as the Airstrike Designator-LGB, becomes activated, a timer appears that notifies players when the item can be used again. All players in game, regardless of team, are affected by this timer. For the Airstrike, this timer appears in the top-right corner under the Battery Charge/Radar on the HUD.

If more than one player has an item that relies on the World Cooltime System, whether or not they are on the same team, whoever successfully activates the item first will get to use it. Therefore, two players cannot use the item simultaneously.

All players will see the World Cooltime System timer. All players must wait for the timer to complete even if they are ready to use their item. When the timer is completed, it will simply vanish from the screen, allowing players to use this item once more.
  — The official Combat Arms website 
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The world cooltime System is a timer that applies to certain operative items including the Airstrike Designator-LGB and Airstrike Designator-Napalm and the Satellite Scanner

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