William Turner was a Non-Playable Character, and played an important role in the storyline of NEMEXIS.


When William Turner lost his family to a contagious outbreak 8 years ago, he infiltrated NEMEXIS HQ to expose their involvement. He killed two guards that day and spent 2 years in jail.

Involvement in the War


(Does not appear)

The War Begins

NEMEXIS forces were everywhere. The JSF locked down military bases. Meanwhile, the resistance searched frantically for someone to lead a hasty defense. The resistance 'found their leader' (so to speak) William Turner, in a high-security JSF prison cell, where he was serving a sentence for the murder of two NEMEXIS guards after having infiltrated NEMEXIS' HQ to expose their involvement in his family's death.

They believed that William Turner, armed with NEMEXIS' inner workings, was their only chance to end the devastating war before it started. Turner was released from prison with the intent of being made a double agent on behalf of JSF

The Hunt Begins

Turner was sent to infiltrate a NEMEXIS research facility by the JSF, and to search for the kidnapped World Federation president. He discovered something that further increased his mistrust for the manipulative factions of both sides. The facility, originally operated by the JSF, was home to ten SH-38 Neutron Bombs; a payload capable of irradiating the entire world for centuries. Turner eventually found the president and carried him to safety. Running out of time, he quickly rushed back to the facility, only to witness a launched missile destined for the Nigerian capital of Niamey...

A Costly Victory

As the World Alliance and JSF launched an all-out attack on NEMEXIS, William Turner found himself trapped behind enemy lines as troops from all sides converged on the research lab. With the presence of the ten SH-38 Neutron Bombs, the threat of nuclear war was knocking on the door. Without a second thought, Turner destroyed the bombs, the facility, and himself. Thanks to his actions, the World Alliance was able to secure the facility and detain the remaining NEMEXIS forces.


  • William Turner is one of the NPCs that guide the player through Daily Jobs.


William turner1

William turner2

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