Whisper is a function of Combat Arms that provides a method of private messaging in-game.

As long as your Whisper option is on, any player can whisper you, even if you have not friended them.


Commands are types as normal text in the chat bar, either in game or in lobby. If done correctly, these commands, when typed, will not appear to other players.



You have disabled Whispers.
You have enabled Whispers.

Toggles whispering on or off. If on, a player will be able to both send and receive whispers.


/w user_receiving message to user_receiving


  1. user_receiving is the name of person you are messaging.
  2. message to user_receiving is the message you are sending.
  3. There is one space between "/w" and user_receiving, and between user_receiving and message to user_receiving.


/away message to display
"message to display" has been set as your auto reply.


  1. message to display is the message to display when a person tried to contact the receiver through whisper.

Additionally, one can turn off auto reply by typing /away without a message parameter.

You can also type /afk to delete the auto answer.

Auto reply has been canceled.

Up Arrow

To quickly answer a whisper, a player may press the up arrow in the chat box to quickly autofill the whisper parameters to that last person who messaged him or her.


  • Oddly enough, it is possible for a player whisper themself.
  • Whispers had no chat spam filter at first, but after a late-2011 patch, players would be blocked from sending whispers if the user sends four identical messages to the same person.
  • If the player has a name color, it would also appear on the whisper (their name only, that is).
Whispering self

Example of whispering yourself.

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