Official Communiqué, Combat Arms Command, October 12th

Welcome to the Weekly Briefing, where the coming soon features are what most interests us! The October DevBlog dropped this week, showing off a preview of the brand new map! The Workaholic Event is still going strong, of course. And don't forget to check the Community Feature, where the biggest Community Event ever to grace Combat Arms has arrived!


Developer Blog for October 2012



Workaholic Event


The Daily Jobs have returned once again, and to celebrate their return we're rewarding only the most dedicated Combat Arms players out there!

[http Click here] for more information.


A Look Inside the MYST-Sierra


While the discount on the MYST-Sierra might be over, the case is still on sale! Take a look at the contents of the new case here!

Click here for more information.


Six Combat Arms Communities have come together to throw one of the biggest events in Combat Arms history! With 1,000,000 NX of rewards, hundreds of winners and six unique game-types, there's no reason not to join the fun of the "We've Got Your Six" event!

Click here to check it out!

Have your own bit of the community you'd like to see spotlighted here? Click here and let us know about it!

Anti-Hack Measures

Accounts banned: 1,896

Total updates: 4

Stick with the Weekly Briefing for all your Combat Arms news!

--Combat Arms Command--


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