Nexon has skipped three weekly briefings this month. There is an unknown reason for this.

Week Four - 31st of August

The Weekly Briefing has returned! This week, we've got a ton of guns on Sale for , Permanent including three GP Permanent Weapons, a 50% EXP/GP Weekend for you all and the conclusion of 5-Shot!

Labor Day Event

For more, see Labor Day Event

It's time for Labor Day, a day of rest workers for all across the US. As such, through Labor Day (Monday, September 3rd), Combat Arms has a series of sales and events for our valued players, including a 50% EXP/GP Weekend and 3 Permanent GP Weapons on sale!

Return of the Perms Sale 2 Sale!

For more, see Return of the Perms Sale

What, don't tell me you thought the first Return of the Perms Sale were all the perms we were bringing back? Once again, we're bringing back the Permanent duration for another huge selection of weapons, and they're all coming back at 20% off through September 12th!

5-Shot Renewal Sale

5-Shot may only have a couple more days left, but we here Combat Arms Command figured that you might like to keep your hands on your rewards for a little (or a lot) longer! As such, from now through September 12th, the 30 and 50 count bulk Weapon Renewal Kit packages are on sale!

Open Armory Event

For more, see Open Armory Event

Well, it happened again. Someone left the keys in the lock again, and once again enough guns to equip a small army got swiped! This time, the thief's note says that any soldier that logs into Combat Arms from Friday, August 24th through 30th will receive 39 more 7 day weapons!

Hack Prevention

Combating hacks and exploits has been a large focus for the Combat Arms team, resulting in a large number of exploitive programs being blocked in-game and by our hack detection tools. Each week, we will display the total amount of banned accounts to show our dedication to hack prevention.

  • Total Updates: 7
  • Accounts banned this week: 1,603

Banned accounts are shown at the Wall of Shame.

Community Feature: What Defines a Good Map?

Every week, staring next week, the Weekly Briefing features a different video, story, forum thread, picture or whatever created by our beloved community!

This week, forumer KeXu has posed a fascinating series of questions about what you look for in what you consider a good map? What make Snow Valley and Oil Rig so much more popular than Gray Hammer and Dark Forest?

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