Week 1 - 6th of April

Official Communiqué, Combat Arms Command, April 6th, 2012

Supply Drop: M249 Para

If you’ve been looking for a new submachine gun that actually is light, the M249 Para was made for you. Check it out for the best in high-volume lead-slinging on the go!

Easter Login Event – April 6-8

We’re not sure who here at Combat Arms Command has been painting fragmentation grenades, but we have no intention of letting good explosives go to waste. Log in this weekend to get free festive Easter Egg Grenades!

Silver and Gold Case Event

Combat Arms Command still has plenty of Silver and Gold cases that were “misplaced” by their previous (and now deceased) owners. Sign up for a special mission and get yours today, because this offer is only good until April 17!

Week Two - 13th of April

Official Communiqué, Combat Arms Command, April 12th, 2012

Soldiers looking for extra gear have plenty of opportunities coming up. More Silver and Gold Cases are available this weekend, clans are battling it out for big prizes, and Supply Crate MYST-Mike is on its way out. Get all the intel right here!

Silver and Gold Case Compensation Login Event

To thank everyone for toughing out last weekend’s stability issues, we’re giving out some extra cases and Easter Egg Grenades for logging in this weekend. Report for duty from April 13 to April 15 for rewards every day!

Clan Warfare Event

Is your clan a force to be reckoned with? Time to prove it! We’re giving out prizes to the clans that rack up the most EXP, and we’re boosting EXP gains on the clan server. There are also prizes for starting new clans, so there’s something for everyone to fight for!

MYST-Mike is Retiring!

If you’ve been after a special weapon from Supply Crate MYST-Mike, you’d better hurry! This one’s being put out to pasture soon to make room for MYST-November. Get it while you can!

Week Three - 20th of April

Week Four - 27th of April

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