Attention Soldiers!

You're not scared of the dark, are you soldier? You will be when you get your boots on the ground in the new Combat Arms map, Dark Forest! The release of the new map is this week's big news along with the launch of the new Rec Rules server with the new Super Soldier option. There are some great new equipment drops with new weapons, gear and even a new clan item.

Our Item of the Week this week is the awesome G3 and we'll talk to some of your fellow Combat Arms soldiers to see what they think of it. We're also going to give you a bit of help with Super Elite Moderator status as well as introduce you to Baxstar, a Combat Arms soldier who produces great video reviews of Combat Arms weapons. Check out everything that happened this week in Combat Arms and always remember that the only thing wrong with the Second Amendment is that the Founders didn't put it first!
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Operation: Dark Forest

Prepare to engage in the battle of a lifetime in Dark Forest, the newest map in Combat Arms! Central Command is also bringing you Rec Rules on the Papa Server, with the exclusive Super Soldiers option, and dropping new supplies to help you: new weapons, new gear, and an exclusive clan item!

Good luck, brave soldiers!

Rec Rules (Beta) is Here!

Combat Arms is bringing you a whole new FPS experience with Rec Rules(Beta) on the Papa Server! Recreational (Rec) Rules are a brand new set of playing rules, created to provide you with the less rigorous, leisurely gameplay that even the most focused soldier occasionally needs. It's live now, so jump in and play!

Rec rules!


Ongoing: HiSec Drop Event

Between June 11 and July 11, you may notice that HiSec Cases look a little different. Well they are a little different! We're celebrating the famous world soccer tournament with soccer ball HiSec Cases! Black HiSec Cases and Gold HiSec Balls now contain bundles of 7 Black HiSec Keys, the L96A1 Ghillie, the AK-74U Gold, and Codename: Hawk!

Gooooooooooooo get 'em!

Item of the Week


This week’s item of the week is the G3. The G3 is a highly reliable rifle widely used by soldiers around the world. The G3 is often seen as a "generalist" weapon, very useful in a variety of contexts. With an added scope, it makes for a good sniper rifle. Used as a standard assault rifle, its power and low recoil make it very good for mid-range fighting on maps like Vertigo and Dark Forest. Its weight makes it a poor choice for fighters who rely on speed, it's light enough not to hamper most soldiers. The main drawback of the G3 is its 20-shot magazine capacity. This is somewhat made up for by its excellent accuracy, making this a great choice for a soldier who relies on being a good shot rather than spraying lots of bullets in the air.

Let’s see what a few of your fellow Combat Arms players had to say:

"The G3 is good in pretty much all quarters combat (close and range). Best with an Acog scope since its accuracy is very similar to that of the M416CQB. Recoil pattern is different from M416CQB. the pattern is somewhat diagonal. Also very similar to CX4 Storm. I think that this gun is good for anyone whether they are 'noob' or 'pro'." – Alan D.

"The G3 is a smart gun to use in junk flea for it's overwhelming power of close combat. 20 bullets , like the SG550, is like coming with a good fast reloader. Modding it with the extended magazine I will also help for more ammo. This old style gun is really supportive as well! The black scouts will be running away when they see this old but still great AK-like gun.– Andy O..

"The G3 is a very good multi-purpose gun for those of you who need the close quarters power and the long range accuracy. I adapted mine with an extended mag II, as well as an Itech scope which has made it practically recoil free. G3 is best adapted to in small maps but can be taken out to the snow or such and used for longer distances with a bit of practice." - Krissy T.

Basic Training

New to Weekly Briefing? Welcome to basic training, maggot! This is where we direct you to areas of interest and give you tips on things that recruits should really know in order to become effective in the fight faster! This week's question:

What is the Super Elite Moderator?

For those of you who want the experience of hosting your own "server," as you would in a peer-to-peer game, the Super Elite Moderator will make it possible. With the Elite Moderator abilities to control the rules of combat and be able to kick abusive players from the game, it also pushes your room to the top of the list, and allows 2 Arms options to be set simultaneously.

Don't forget, it's your responsibility to use your abilities to provide a positive play environment; otherwise your rating as a moderator will be affected.

Community Spotlight

Baxstar Reviews the G3

The G3 has become a very popular weapon really quickly. Community member Baxstar has put together a great video review giving you all you need to know about the gun including how it feels to fire, and tips for becoming a better player. Check out this video and all his other reviews as well! Baxstar provides a great service for all Combat Arms players, so let him know how much you appreciate it!

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