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Weapon Swapping is an action that allows you to switch one of your primary weapons with different one on the ground. This is accessible through the E button (default).


Weapons that cannot be picked up include: secondary weapons (formerly shotguns, as well), knives, support weapons, Specialist items, etc.

This action is useful if a fallen player has dropped a gun that you wanted to try or use. Sadly, weapons only stay on the ground for a short period of time (with the exception of Search and Destroy), so try to pick up weapons before they disappear.


  • Cycle through your backpack and find a weapon that's either useless, empty, or low-on-ammo to switch out for the new weapon.
  • Aim your reticle at the weapon to swap weapons easier. Move your reticle around the weapon until a message pops up.
  • Practice swapping weapons fast by walking to the weapon and picking the weapon up instantly.
  • If you don't want a weapon to disappear, swap your weapons with it back and forth to extend its expiration time.


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