This item will extend the remaining usage for one of your Primary or Secondary weapons. Both GP and NX weapons can be extended for a variable amount of time, including 90 Days and Permanent!
  — Item Description 

The Weapon Renewal Kit is a NX function item that can be used to extend the usage period of almost any weapon in the game (except for Operative Items, melee weapons and grenades).

In the North American/Oceania Server, any Primary/Secondary weapon (including Epic Weapons and Forged/MARK II weapons) can be extended; a feature not seen in any other region.


When activated, the Weapon Renewal Kit will extend the usage period for the selected weapon for a random amount of time. Possible extension lengths include:

  • 1 Day (very common)
  • 3 Day (common)
  • 7 Day (common)
  • 10 Day (uncommon)
  • 15 Day (uncommon)
  • 30 Day (very uncommon)
  • 45 Day (extremely uncommon)
  • 60 Day (rare)
  • 90 Day (very rare)
  • Permanent (extremely rare, will show as +999 days and the remaining time as 'one hour below')

Anything extended by more than 60 days will be announced to everyone within the channel and in-game.

Weapons that can't be Renewed

Though almost every item can be renewed after the Restore update, there are still a handful of items (especially Holiday Items) that cannot be renewed. They include:



GP Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Supreme Weapon Renewal Kit
NX Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Super Weapon Renewal Kit
Epic Renewal Kit
Mythic Renewal Kit
Weapon License
Mythic Weapon License
Weapon Patch Kit


  • As of the 3/9/11 Maintenance, WRKs were permanently slashed in price, now 7% off for 7 and 20% off for a set of 15.
  • As of the 10/28/11 Content Update, WRKs can now be used on any Primary or Secondary weapon. GP or NX weapons alike, including Epic Items (which were previously excluded); but only in the North American server. Combat Arms Europe did not get the same benefits of the update.
  • It was featured as one of the sale items during the 2nd Buzzing Bullets Sale. The Weapon Renewal Kit was on sale for 28,100 NX / 50 uses (25% off).
  • It was on sale for 25% off during the 5th to 7th day of Combat Arms' 4th Anniversary.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was on sale in bundles of 30 & 50 during the 5 Shot Renewal Sale at a price of 22,400 NX and 28,100 NX respectively.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold at a 20% discount in bundles 30 and 50 during the 5th Anniversary Premium Sale.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was given to players who logged in during the 5th Anniversary Hot Shot Event on July 11th, 2013 at 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific (7:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Sydney, July 12th).
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold at a 20% discount during the The Winter Games (2014) event.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was given to players who submit a qualified map idea during the Design Your Own Map! (2014) event.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold temporarily for 30,000 GP from July 18 to July 21 during the Summer Weekend Special event.


  • There is a lesser version of this item known as the Weapon Patch Kit.
  • There is a stronger version of this item known as the Super Weapon Renewal Kit.
  • There is a special version that can only renew Mythic Weapons, known as the Mythic Renewal Kit.
  • The contents of the kit appear to be a simple weapon-cleaning kit and a weapon-cleaning manual. A further close up reveals that the weapon depicted on the manual appears to be an AK type rifle, most likely the AK-47.