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Br De Fr
Main weapon renewal kit
Weapon Renewal Kit
GP cost

1 Use - 30,000 GP

NX cost

1 Use - 1,500 NX

7 Uses - 9,750 NX

15 Uses - 18,000 NX


Must be Ico rank09 01Staff Sergeant/I to use NX Credit


Extremely High

This item will extend the remaining usage for one of your Primary or Secondary weapons. Both GP and NX weapons can be extended for a variable amount of time, including 90 Days and Permanent!
  — Item Description 

The Weapon Renewal Kit is a NX function item that can be used to extend the usage period of almost any weapon in the game (except for Operative Items, melee weapons and grenades).

In the North American/Oceania Server, any Primary/Secondary weapon (including Epic Weapons and Forged/MARK II weapons) can be extended; a feature not seen in any other region.


When activated, the Weapon Renewal Kit will extend the usage period for the selected weapon for a random amount of time. Possible extension lengths include:

  • 1 Day (very common)
  • 3 Day (common)
  • 7 Day (common)
  • 10 Day (uncommon)
  • 15 Day (uncommon)
  • 30 Day (very uncommon)
  • 45 Day (extremely uncommon)
  • 60 Day (rare)
  • 90 Day (very rare)
  • Permanent (extremely rare, will show as +999 days and the remaining time as 'one hour below')

Anything extended by more than 60 days will be announced to everyone within the channel and in-game.

Weapons that can't be Renewed

Though almost every item can be renewed after the Restore update, there are still a handful of items (especially Holiday Items) that cannot be renewed. They include:



GP Standard Weapon Renewal Kit
Supreme Weapon Renewal Kit
NX Standard Weapon Renewal Kit
Super Weapon Renewal Kit
Epic Renewal Kit
Mythic Renewal Kit
Weapon License
Festive Weapon Patch Kit


  • As of the 3/9/11 Maintenance, WRKs were permanently slashed in price, now 7% off for 7 and 20% off for a set of 15.
  • As of the 10/28/11 Content Update, WRKs can now be used on any Primary or Secondary weapon. GP or NX weapons alike, including Epic Items (which were previously excluded); but only in the North American server. Combat Arms Europe did not get the same benefits of the update.
  • It was featured as one of the sale items during the 2nd Buzzing Bullets Sale. The Weapon Renewal Kit was on sale for 28,100 NX / 50 uses (25% off).
  • It was on sale for 25% off during the 5th to 7th day of Combat Arms' 4th Anniversary.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was on sale in bundles of 30 & 50 during the 5 Shot Renewal Sale at a price of 22,400 NX and 28,100 NX respectively.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold at a 20% discount in bundles 30 and 50 during the 5th Anniversary Premium Sale.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was given to players who logged in during the 5th Anniversary Hot Shot Event on July 11th, 2013 at 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific (7:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Sydney, July 12th).
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold at a 20% discount during the The Winter Games (2014) event.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was given to players who submit a qualified map idea during the Design Your Own Map! (2014) event.
  • The Weapon Renewal Kit was sold temporarily for 30,000 GP from July 18 to July 21 during the Summer Weekend Special event.


  • There is a lesser version of this item known as the Weapon Patch Kit.
  • There is a stronger version of this item known as the Super Weapon Renewal Kit.
  • There is a special version that can only renew Mythic Weapons, known as the Mythic Renewal Kit.
  • The contents of the kit appear to be a simple weapon-cleaning kit and a weapon-cleaning manual. A further close up reveals that the weapon depicted on the manual appears to be an AK type rifle, most likely the AK-47.


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