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This well-made kit extends the duration of 1-Star and 2-Star Gold weapons by a random number of days, with the chance to make them permanent.
  — Item Description 

The Weapon License 2.0 is a NX function item that can be used to extend the usage period of 1-Star and 2-Star Gold weapons. It is the successor to the Weapon License.


The odds have been changed:

1 Day - Reduced chances

3 Days - Improved chances

5 Days - Improved chances

7 Days - Improved chances

10 Days - Improved chances

15 Days - Improved chances

30 Days - Improved chances

60 Days - Improved chances

90 Days - Improved chances

Permanent - No change



GP Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Supreme Weapon Renewal Kit
NX Standard
Weapon Renewal Kit
Super Weapon Renewal Kit
Epic Renewal Kit
Mythic Renewal Kit
Weapon License
Weapon License 2.0
Mythic Weapon License
Weapon Patch Kit



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