Safety goggles that are worn to protect the eyes from dust, shrapnel, or other small particles.
  — Item Description 


The Wasteland Goggles are useful if used in conjunction with other stat-boosting items, such as the Cyclops Bandana, or Black Beret. It allows users to have more stamina while keeping the headgear slot free for use.



  • The Wasteland Goggles can be considered as the NX variant of the GP-bought Goggles. although it is more of an upgraded Hammer Face Guard in stats.
  • Tan "x"-shaped stitches can be seen on the goggles' nose piece.
  • The Goggles bear a resemblance to Oakley MEDUSA goggles.
  • This item, along with the Cyclops Bandana and the USP SE were sold for 99,999 NX on August 18, 2010 for an hour after the maintenance.