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Warlord High Resolution

GP cost
1 Day - 600 GP
7 Days - 2,940 GP
30 Days - 11,700 GP
90 Days - 32,400 GP
NX cost
1 Day - 150 NX
7 Days - 600 NX
30 Days - 1,100 NX
90 Days - 1,900 NX
Replenishes team's primary/secondary ammunition

Warlord is an ability that was released during the 17-5-2012 content update. This ability can only be equipped by Operatives.


This ability Installs a reusable warlord that allows allies to refill some of their primary and secondary ammo. Warlord is an active ability, therefore, its user would have to press certain keys to activate before being able to use it. The Warlord has 10/10 (can be used 10 times) ammo, and can only be deployed one at a time.

Warlord can be destroyed by both allies and enemies. It can also be destroyed by nearby explosives.

Warlord uses all three ability slots. This could be a slight disadvantage since the user can only use one ability, where as they can actually use 2 more if it wasn't for the Warlord's restriction.

Warlord is useful for all game modes, but more so in Quarantine Regen and Fireteam. In Quarantine Regen, the Warlord can be helpful for players to refill their ammo, such as the Minigun and RPG. In Fireteam, it is used to defend against NPC players and for refilling ammo for emergency.

Even though the Warlord can refill most weapons, it cannot refill any Operative weapons, except the Minigun and the Flamethrower. This may be because Nexon is trying to balance the game and doesn't want the Operatives to have a huge amount of ammo for certain Operative weapons (like the M32, since it's already extremely powerful, and if the Warlord can refill it, making it even more unfairly powerful).

How to use

To activate the Warlord, the player would have to press the keys ~ and 1 together to activate the ability.


Press ~ then 1 to use warlord

To use the Warlord, one would have to look for a blue ammo box, come up to it, and hold the E key to refill their weapons.

In other cases, where [~ 1] does not work, players can go to the Abilities section in My Character to check the activation key.

Active key warlord

Mouse Wheel as active key


  • Currently, Eagle Eye, Warlord, and War Cry are the only Operative abilities.
  • Due to its massive size, a player can hide a variety of plantable explosives (except for Hornet Mines), inside the warlord. This is helpful in Quarantine Regen as most Infected will melee the Warlord on sight and blow up the hidden explosives in the process and may even be killed by the detonation.


Warlord Item

The "Warlord" ammo box in-game.

Warlord permanent

Having permanent Warlord due to a glitch.

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