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Wall Glitch



Sprinting at the very corner where two walls meet


Pass through, into the wall where you are invincible.

The Wall Glitch involves sprinting at the very corner where two walls meet, thus glitching your character, allowing it to run through walls for a few seconds. This glitch is in every map, but most exploited in Junk Flea and Cold Seed, where you can actually disappear outside of the map, free to kill players while they cannot leave a scratch on you.

With every patch a wall glitch is patched, yet Nexon does not seem to patch them all. Some debate on leaving some unpatched to keep some people playing Combat Arms.

To do this glitch you basically find any corner, sprint into the VERY edge and slide off into a nearby wall.

There are hundreds of Wall Glitch videos on YouTube, and there are probably many still undiscovered ingame, seeing as though you can do with virtually any corner.


Inside a wall glitch at Waverider.

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