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Volunteer Forum Moderators (VFMs) are members of the Nexon community who choose to invest their time in helping to improve the forums by setting an example, reporting forum issues to the Moderators, and locking threads that they feel should no longer be available.
  — Tibaroo 

List of Current VFMs

Unique Rights

As trusted users within the Community, VFMs have certain rights that allow them to assist the Nexon Staff throughout the Forums. Only the VFMs (and their superiors) have access to these honorary "moderating" powers. An ordinary user will not be able to do any of the following:

  • Lock Threads - Situations may arise on the forums where a thread may need to be locked for a variety of reasons: Spam, Advertisement, Harassment, Inflammatory, Inappropriate, Off-Topic, Resolved, or Other.
  • Unlock Threads - VFMs may unlock any locked thread, even threads that they have not locked themselves.
  • Edit Posts (their own) - Because VFMs can lock/unlock posts, there is no concern of them abusing the Edit-Unlock glitch.
  • Edit/Add Tags - Tags can be added to posts linking them to other similarly tagged posts within that section. Tags appear as a note at the bottom of a given post following a "Filed Under:" message.


  • Klypto appears to be the only VFM actively using the tagging feature of the forums.
  • VFM's may be called upon to run or work with community events in-game from time-to-time.

Further Reading - Original VFM Program Introduction


VFM Card

VFM Card

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