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Vivox is a voice chat company that has teamed up with Nexon to provide free voice chat service to Combat Arms.


This was announced in Nov. 16, 2009 and was implemented on Nov. 25, 2009. However, multiple issues prevented it from becoming fully effective until the 12-02-09(?) Maintenance Patch(?).

How It WorksEdit

The service runs on push-to-talk, there is not currently any other methods to toggle the mic. The service is incorporated into the game and therefore requires no separate downloads. The servers are distributed as follows:

  • OMA, Spy Hunt, and Fireteam have 1 voice chat server per room.
  • Elimination, Elimination Pro, Capture The Flag, Quarantine Mode, and Search and Destroy will have 1 voice chat server for each team, per game.


Voice chat makes communication between team members infinitely more effective as one does not have to waste time typing.

In-game UsageEdit

The default Push-To-Talk button is "T". To toggle the system on and off, press F8. By Defualt Vivox is automatically offline. Players will know when what they say is going through when they see a black speaker symbol inside of a green circle next to their Stamina bar.


Before Nexon worked out all the bugs, entire servers would be unable to use voice chat for hours at a time. This no longer happens, but sometimes voice chat will fail to initiate. Players will see a red speaker with a slash running through it instead of the normal green circle with a black speaker when this happens. In addition, red text will be displayed above the health meter stating "Voice chat has been disconnected." Just wait a few moments and it will reconnect. When a teammate is speaking, you will see a light green speaker sign floating to the right of that player's nametag.

For some players, switching mulitple servers and channels can result of their voice chat turning automatically off and unable to work.

Sometimes players are kicked because they use the microphone with inappropriate use and make the game room annoyed.

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