A Special Operations G36E variant with a custom camouflage designed for use in multiple environments. Performs on par with the standard G36E.(By aiming at an opponent, you can see their KDR and HP. Opponents with the same or lower KDR than you will be displayed in yellow, Opponents with slightly higher KDR than you will be displayed in orange, Opponents with much higher KDR than you will be displayed in red.)
  — Item Description 

The Visionary G36E Valkyrie is a 3-Star Silver Grade Assault Rifle and is a Visionary variant of the G36E Valkyrie.


The Visionary G36E Valkyrie is a visionary variant of the (ACE) version of the G36E Valkyrie having 60 more points of range than the original. Like all other Visionary weapons, the Visionary G36E Valkyrie contains a small green eye icon on the side of it's body (Visionary) and features an integrated KDR / HP Vision function which allows players to see the Health Bar and Kill Death Ratio of an enemy when aiming at them. As explained in the weapon's description, the numeric value of an enemy's KDR will be:

-Yellow if their KDR is the same or lower as yours

-Orange if their KDR is slightly higher than yours or

-Red if their KDR is much higher than yours





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