One of Warcorp's longest surviving mercenaries, and one of Coleman's most-trusted elite. Her specialties lie in infiltration and espionage.
  — The Arsenal 

"...Hand-picked amongst an elite group of soldiers for her brilliant mind and excellent physique. Viper is equipped with a special Combat Suit and can use a variety of Special Items with a diverse set of functions."
  — Old Description 
Codename: Viper



Armor Vest: Viper Vest

+17% Speed

+10% Sprint Stamina

+60% protection from fire

+50% protection from flash


not available in shop (obtainable through ghost hi-sec cases as well as other cases)

Codename: Viper is an elite female Specialist/Operative in Combat Arms. Along with Scorpion, she was one of the first Specialists ever to be released in Combat Arms. Along with Raven, Scorpion, and Hawk, she was re-released with the Best of the Best content update with more balanced stats than her predecessor, Classic Viper.


Viper is available for purchase by players with GP/NX contracts. For GP contracts, the rank restrictions to buy Viper is Staff Sergeant/I (SSG 1) or higher. There are no rank restrictions when buying Viper with NX. Viper can also be obtained from permanently from a Black-Hisec Case. (Although the chances were extremely small)

Viper has her own custom weapon, Viper's P90TR.

There are a little slight differences between her current and classic form. Her (current) uniform is a more pale grey, her sports shade is more of a light orange instead of a dark orange, and she has green straps on her uniform instead of black straps.


  • According to Nexon, Viper is 28 years old and is of Korean descent.
  • She is statistically identical to Banshee.
  • Her headset seems to resemble a cross between Sports Shades and a Comm-link.
  • She was the first character model to have exposed cleavage, followed by Max, The Striker, and Raven.
  • Viper was rebalanced (nerfed) during the Best of the Best Update (17-5-2012). Her original statistics was +15% speed and +30% sprint stamina.
  • Viper's statistics were changed once again during an update around June.



Viper cycling through her weapons.


360 Degree View Of Viper

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