The first submachine gun to be designed and manufactured in Malaysia, its unique foregrip design feeds bullets from a 30 round 9mm pistol magazine.
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The VB Berapi LP02 is a Malaysian Submachine Gun that was released on 12/20/2011, as a 24 hour preview sale.


The VB Berapi LP02 has a unique shape and an oddly placed foregrip. This gun's statistics are very similar to those of the T-2 and the FAMAE S.A.F..

Despite its very high accuracy for its class, this weapon is incompatible with scopes or suppressors. As such, it isn't ideal for medium range combat and stealthy players. On the other hand, it features a very tight spread, making it suitable for hip-firing and close quarters combat.

It sports a medium 4 shot kill to the chest on players with Medium Vests.



VB Berapi LP02


Silver II
VB Berapi LP02
Silver III
(ACE) VB Berapi LP02


NX Standard
VB Berapi LP02



  • The original arsenal image does not show the weapon having an extended magazine, while other official sources of the weapon shows that it does indeed have an extended magazine.
  • This gun currently has no variants, nor is it a variant of anything.
  • When the Berapi was released, the recoil was incorrectly stated as 35 instead of 62.
  • The reload is very much like the CX4 Storm. Even with an Extended Magazine II the reload only takes about 2 seconds.
  • The sound of the gun is very similar to the Galil ACE.


  • The draw animation of the VB Berapi LP02.
  • The fire animation of the VB Berapi LP02.
  • The reload animation of the VB Berapi LP02.
  • The sprint animation of the VB Berapi LP02.

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