I already have nearly every nx standard low recoil no skill guns in the game (e.g m417 combat, rec7, m16a4 firebug, m416 cqb, cz805, second amendment) And the common higher recoil tapfire guns (ak47, autumn g36 valk, g36 valk, An94 tact OPS) And most in the middle (mk16 scar L, ACR, FG42, AUG a1, mk14 mod 0) All i'm missing now is a slower firerate tapfireing gun which has very high accuracy and dmg with ability to stealth kill without of damage reduction in attachment supressor.

I like the gun the way it is without of customization tried it few times by buying the 1 day ACE version with GP, good tap fire contol and good spread. Havn't tried customized ones, I'm thinking about buying this gun perm,  don't know how I am supposed to customize this gun. Don't want to ruin the spread and change the recoil pattern. 

Please help :) what levels of customization and which parts are needed makes the best tapfire gun for long range with good spread.

OR if you have a good one meet me in game and let me try your gun 

ADD ME IGN: Gen-Electric

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