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June 5, 2011
  • I live in TeuFort (but really in Vancouver WA)
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is Red Team
  • I am a Red Pyro.


In-game name:
carmaste1 (usually called car for short)
Major V
Favorite Game Mode:
Favorite maps:
Clans (in the past and the current)
IAreEpic, cCo, Instantanious, eProdigyRuN (ILY's clan), PlatinuM-, WestCoastKillers
Current NX Grade:
Other favorite games:
Team Fortress 2, COD (lol), Halo (all of them), Half Life 2, Forza, Killing Floor and some more that I can't think of right now...
Most HATED weapon(s)
G36E(asy), G36E Valkyrie, Autumn G36E Valkyrie
My Steam account:

Break time?Edit

Occasionally I might take a break from CA, so I may or may not be playing for some amount of time. My breaks are usually short, but sometimes it might be for quite awhile. Usually because I just get that feeling that I just want to play this game or that game (Such as Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, or Minecraft), or because school just gets in the way (I need sleep).

On breaks I still visit the Wiki, but I usually don't edit as much as I would if I weren't on one.

I generally go back active if there's a new update or if I get bored of whatever I was previously playing.

I am currently:


(Semi) ACTIVE <---

Reason: Black screens from chemicals (gas, fire, etc.), friggen Intel HD Graphics...

I use a gaming platform called Steam whenever I'm on my computer, so if you ever see me online on Steam, and want me to play something with you (CA, TF2, L4D22, etc.), then send me a message!

Catch me on Steam by looking over there! --------------------------------------->

About meEdit

I'm an Asian gamer that has actually gotten to shoot a weapon. I usually play Combat Arms in the early morning (Early as 4:00AM PST to 7:00AM PST) or in the afternoon (usually sometime after 3:00 PM PST), but when on breaks, I could be on at just about any time, besides when I'm asleep of course.

In Combat Arms I usually play Elimination, Fireteam, and One Man Army. And sometimes Quarantine Regen, if I have the gear.

L9ieThis user likes to use Sniper Rifles to kill, and then laughs in the faces of the killed.
125pxThis user unbelievably loves his FAMAS G2 and uses it like a HK416.

USP SE MainThis user loves to use USPs to kill the enemy. Until he finds out his USP has expired.

Current Permanents (not including Default+upgrades and Anniversary items)Edit

Assault Rifles: FAMAS G2 (Most favorite weapon!), ACR (Full customization), AK-47, SCAR-L, K2, SG550 Hot Shot, M4A1 CQBR (Full customization)

SMGs: MP7 MOD, UMP LE, MP5 RAS (Full customization)

Sniper Rifles: M110 SASS, L96A1, MSG-90 Hot Shot, Dragunov SVDS (Full customization)

MGs: MG36, MG34, Yuletide Annihilator

SGs: R870

Pistols: Desert Eagle SE, Anaconda Gold (Full customization), P220 SE

Other: Classic Max, Elite Moderator

Wishlist of PermanentsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Sub-Machine GunsEdit

Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit



Best MomentsEdit

My personal best moments.

Getting permanent ACR with full customization.

First Unbelievable (September 8th, 2011)

Getting 3 knife kills in Quarantine with the M9 Veteran, along with 2 RPG-7 kills, 2 kills with the M16A1 AP Mine, and 1 kill with the M69HE Frag (March 24th, 2012).

Ranked up to Major (March 25th, 2012)

Getting 4 RPG kills, 1 M67 kill, 1 M69HE kill, 1 knife kill, and 1 LAW kill in Quarantine.

Having exactly 1,947 kills with the AK-47.

Obtaining a MG34 for permanent for a whooping price of 120k GP.

60 FRIGGEN DAY RENEWAL ON P90TR SE! Now I want WRKs... gimme...

I'm currently a moderator?

I bought the L96A1, MK16 SCAR-L, and MK.48 all for permanent at 100k GP each. (August 31st, 2012)

Gotten the free Hot Shot weapons (SG550 Hot Shot and MSG-90 Hot Shot), and I love the SG550!

Bought the UMP LE during the GP One Day Sale.

First Unbelievable+! (August 25th, 2013)

Free permanent shotty from Nexon.

Bought the MP5 RAS during the GP One Day Sale (Part 2).

Bought the Dragunov SVDS the next day.

Got 90 Days of G23 Carbon Black from _Sniff_!

What I used and where I was (map) when I got my UnbelievablesEdit

1st Unbelievable was in Death Room with a MP7 and M590 CQB Mariners. I was at the stairs running on the ledge back and forth.

2nd Unbelievable was with a PP-19 MOD in Oil Rig, me being on Alpha. Running near the double boxes at Bravo spawn shooting at the enemy team. This game I was playing with some friends in WestCoastKillers.

3rd Unbelievable was either in Oil Rig with the PP-19 MOD, or in Junk Flea OMA with the AK-47.

4th Unbelievable was ALSO in Oil Rig, but this time I was on Bravo with a Gewehr 43 with a HDS-4 Reflex Sight. I started near the bathroom and made my way close to the hallway. One shot away from getting my first Unbelievable+ but then I got killed by a M32...

5th Unbelievable was in Kill Creek, sneaking (running) up the stairs taking time knifing each sniper (spraying with the MP40), then turning around to walk back to my base (run into their base) and celebrated (getting the Unbelievable with my P90TR SE) with cake (getting killed by headshot when out of bullets)! Later was followed by a Fantastic in OMA Junk Flea.

6th Unbelievable was in Death Room, using both my P90TR SE and my MG36, first walking like a bad *static* on the upper floor, getting one kill, two lucky headshots, and then two more kills before I ran out of bullets, which made me switch over to my P90TR SE, getting the unbelievable at the stairs.

7th Unbelievable was in a recently released map, Bloodbath Bazaar, using my trusty FAMAS G2, the recently released G18 Carbon Black, and the MP5 RAS. I start shooting first at a random person around the stands at their spawn with my G18 (and got hacusated), and there happened to be another person, who I also shot. I quickly moved over to the arch way spawn exit, killing 1 person with my MP5, and quickly shot at a sniper covering the exit. I was pumped, so I looked around, afraid that there wasn't anyone else, and then saw at the corner of my screen and saw some guy rather high up, probably looking at some glitch, and shot him. After that, I ran back out to kill one more person after I switched to my FAMAS, then after targeting another person right when I got my unbelievable, I got killed... by a headshot...

During a game of Death Room (or was it Grave Digger?), I managed to get an Unbelievable, which should have been my official 8th Unbelievable, however before the game was finished, the game stopped due to maintenance, so the Unbelievable done was not recorded.

8th Unbelievable, which came into an Unbelievable+, came to in a game of Arms Race in Vertigo, where I was on the last MG stage. I saw a target when I was to the right side of the spawn (with the UPad ad above), so I decided to crouch and shoot with the MG42 that I had for that section, and with luck, more people started to run in, allowing me to amass a total of 5 kills, earning me a Fantastic, before running out of ammo, forcing me onto the shotgun stage. Then, I procceeded to shoot with the Jackhammer, and gotten a kill by a headshot. With the excitement in me that I had a chance to get my first Unbelievable+, I decided to pull out the (rather overpowered) Tracker Knife to get my my 7th kill (which I was successful) before getting killed by an RPK.

9th Unbelievable was also in a game of Arms Race, this time in Junk Flea. I jumped down from the walkway down into the front side of Alpha's Spawn, spraying down with my M60 that I had for the first portion of the MG stage, getting about 2-3 kills in the process. After running out of ammo, I was forced to switch over to the Ultimax 100, getting the few final kills in order to achieve an Unbelievable. I was very close to achieving another Unbelievable+, however I ran out of ammo before I could kill my target, and the time it took to switch over to another MG (which happened to be the Ultimax 100 again) allowed my target to kill me.

10th Unbelievable, taking place in Junk Flea in a game of OMA. For this Unbelievable, I mostly used my new fully customized MP5 RAS with an iTech sight attached. I generally ran around the Bravo side of the map, gunning down anyone who ran by or was distracted.

11th Unbelievable, much like my 9th, was a game of Arms Race in Junk Flea, mostly taking place at the side of Bravo spawn. I was in my SMG stage, having the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 to use. With it's fast fire rate and fast reload, getting through that stage and getting an Ultra was easy. Then, my weapons switched over to the next stage, which happened to be the Dual Skorpions, making the two more kills necessary for an Unbelievable rather easy. I was very close to getting my 2nd Unbelievable+, however I was quickly gunned down since people started to spawn around me, and I got stuck on the pole of the awning, leaving me an easy target.

12th Unbelievable, which was also my 2nd Unbelievable+, and like my previous 3 unbelievables, took place in Junk Flea, in a game of OMA. The only weapon I used was my UMP LE, which I used the high damage to quickly take down my targets before they are able to do much damage to me. I was close to getting another Unbelievable+, however I was quickly killed by a user with the G36Easy.

13th Unbelievable took place in Water Strider, and happened on the first day of its release. I ran inside the dam to flank the enemy team, slowly acending up the side of the enemy spawn. As I quickly climbed up the ladder, I quickly took out 3 snipers sitting plain sight, unaware of my presence, and ran through into the enemy spawn. While there, I took out a player standing near the doorframe, and two players attempting to "box glitch" besides the spawn (and nutshotting one) before getting killed.

WTF MomentsEdit

1.) I was running by a friendly Auto Turret and an enemy came up and it didn't even shoot. The spec must've forgot to press the 'On' button again...

2.) Fell through the map in Junk Flea when I was Infected by an explosive, and I didn't even die (the people still on the map was shooting in the air having fun, wish I was there... to infect them)!

3.) Saw a hacker spawning a sh** ton of M93 Hornet's, shot 'em, and they all blew up. It even killed the hacker!

4.) A hacker called him/herself legit.

5.) Was placing mines on Oil Rig and they started to go up... and up... and up...

6.) G36E Valkyrie, Nexon, how do you not know how much I hate it...

7.) I headshot someone across Kill Creek with a M416 CQB (Thank god that he didn't hackusate...)

8.) I took a swim in Oil Rig when I (all of a sudden when I was on the edge) was Super Spy. My Overall Super Spies Killed also increased by one.

9.) Got called a hacker for not dieing when standing in their Auto Turret.

10.) Played a game where all my deaths were headshots...

11.) Gotten a Multi-kill, and then got kicked for "Hacking".

Lucky pulls from anything (30 day+)Edit

M24A3 Woodland (60 day renewal)
MYST-G M590 CQB Pull

Getting M590 CQB.

M417 CQB (30 days)

K5 CAMO (30 days)

AK-74U Gold Plated (30 days)

M590 CQB (30 days)

P90TR SE (60 day renewal)

Random PicsEdit

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