Camouflage suitable for urban operations.
  — Item Description 


The Urban Camo Uniform consists of the colors gray, navy blue, and white.

This uniform is best applied in dark urban maps such as Gray Hammer, Overdose, Showdown and Sector 25. These maps have a urban setting, allowing the user to moderately blend due to the black and light gray in the uniform.

It is the most common buy-able camouflage used, as there are shadows/dark areas in pretty much every map.


Events & Trivia

  • The Urban Camo is most commonly seen in Quarantine Regen, because it suits the game mode's urban environment.
  • Players favor equipping this item because it makes them look pro and ninja-like (Note that the main colors of Viper's and Scorpion's armor is black).
  • In Combat Arms Brazil, it's translated to: "Camuflagem Urbana".


Urban camo

A female player wearing Urban Camo

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