An Unnamed Specialist Team of Mercenaries and Specialists has participated in missions regarding the Infected. They are prominently featured in several Fireteam cutscenes, such as Black Lung.


They are often accompanied by other soldiers, but only a few core members reappear each time. Several of these members include:

Viper and Baron are seen in Black Lung, while Rocco is seen in both Black Lung and Cabin Fever. Scorpion is seen


  • Scorpion also appears to be a member of this squad, as he appears in the Death Room Quarantine trailer.
    • However, this trailer cannot necessarily be taken as canon. It shows Viper being mauled to death by an Infected, yet she shows up in several other cutscenes. It also shows Scorpion taking his own life.
  • Baron is seen wearing riot gear in every cutscene he appears in.
  • In the ending of Cabin Fever, Rocco is seen in the helicopter with the player, along with two other men. 
  • In Black Lung in the elevator scene Rocco seems to be attacked by Infected from above. However, he seems to be in good health as he bolts towards the water with Baron and Viper later on.

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