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Uniforms, more commonly known as Camos, are important Body clothes that can be equipped on all Base Characters. Most uniforms are bought in the Shop (some can be bought in the Black Market) and are equippable ,as soon as they are bought. They offer no extra in-game stats, and are normally used to blend-in certain Map surroundings, or simply just to customize the character's look. With its specialized color theme and pattern, a Uniform can help users blend into a variety of Maps. For example, the Arctic Camo allows players to be not seen easily in Snow Valley and Cold Seed compared to wearing other different uniforms. Be warned, however, some Uniforms can also stand out if used in an inappropriate environment, like Arctic Camo in Rattlesnake. Also, since the only thing that moves in the game are other players and tracing bullets, camo isn't efficient in blending in with surroundings. Most worn items change color to match the type of uniform the player wears (e.g. Arctic Camo will make the player's Combat Beanie white, while the Desert Camo will make it look tan).

Uniform Environment

1 Day

7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Rank Restriction
Arctic Camo Tundra/Arctic 300 GP 1,470 GP 5,850 GP 16,200 GP Ico rank04 01 PFC
Desert Camo Desert 300 GP 1,470 GP 5,850 GP 16,200 GP Ico rank06 01 SFC
Flecktarn Camo Forest - -

5,850 GP

1,200 NX

16,200 GP

2,900 NX

Ico rank06 01 SGT
Tiger Stripe Camo Jungle - -

5,850 GP

1,200 NX

16,200 GP

2,900 NX

Ico rank06 01 SGT
Urban Camo Urban/Industrial 300 GP 1,470 GP 5,850 GP 16,200 GP None
Woodland Camo Forest 300 GP 1,470 GP 5,850 GP 16,200 GP Ico rank09 01 MSG/I
Default Camo

Forest/General Purposes

Default Default Default Default Default



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