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Main usp tactical
USP Tactical
GP cost

1 Day - 450 GP

7 Days - 2,205 GP

30 Days - 8,775 GP

90 Days - 24,300 GP

Supply Crate MYST-G - 4,000 GP


NA - Ico rank16 04Colonel/IV

EU - Ico rank14 03Major/III


Low due to rarity and rank


Pre-Attached Suppressor

Non-Functioning Laser Sight

Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire37
Firing modes






Iron Sight

A highly customized version of the USP used by special forces operators. Features an integrated silencer.
  — The Arsenal 

The USP Tactical is a GP Rare pistol that was released in the 8-06-08 Patch. The USP Tactical can be obtained from the Supply Crate MYST-G, or through purchase at the rank of Colonel IV.


The USP Tactical has a slightly faster firing rate and a built-in Suppressor, without the consequences of more recoil and lower damage. It has a small, non-functioning laser sight attachment near the end of the barrel, and is mostly green and brown as opposed to the standard black.

The Tactical also has a 12-round standard Magazine, making it have a total of 6 more bullets compared to the original USP.

This gun is a usually a 3-4 hit kill with a decent fire rate, in addition to having very high accuracy, even when moving. Adding an extended magazine is suggested as it will give the weapon a 17 or 19 round magazine. This gun is widely considered to be the second-best pistol in Combat Arms, next to its NX Rare variant, the USP Tactical SE.



  • The small box forward of the trigger is a non-functioning laser.
  • On July 11, 2011, a 90 day duration USP Tactical was obtainable in the 3rd Anniversary Kalika Case.
  • It has a unique suppressor sound, and is extremely quiet.
  • The slide of this pistol reads "HK USP TACTICAL .45Auto"
  • USP Tactical is chambered to fire the .45 ACP round, while its GP Standard counterpart is chambered for the 9x19 Parabellum.


  • The drawing animation of the USP Tactical.
  • The firing animation of the USP Tactical.
  • The reloading animation of the USP Tactical.
  • The sprinting animation of the USP Tactical.

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