An improved model of the USP with a silver slide and reduced recoil, allowing more accurate firing. It has proven to be an essential sidearm in a wide array of combat operations.
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The USP SE is a NX variant of the USP pistol. The USP SE is a quick and powerful pistol. It features a new silver slider and a reduced recoil system. This is a large and much appreciated improvement from its original variant, which one of its major weaknesses was the large recoil. It is easier to control than the normal USP while retaining its fast fire rate, making it a deadly weapon. Users can now fire much more accurately, and can easily take down opposing forces with the original 3-hit-kill capability from the USP.



  • On August 18, 2010, an hour after maintenance, this item was offered for 99,999 NX, which practically prevented players from purchasing it as a 1-day. This also occurred with the Cyclops Bandana and Wasteland Goggles.
  • On the weekend of 9/10/10, you could receive a free 1-Day USP SE if you completed 10 Elimination matches.
  • This was one of the items to be part of the Permanent Weapon Retirement sale.
  • It was available for permanent duration in the Return of the Perms Sale 3 for 7,920 NX.
  • The slide of this pistol reads "HK USP 9x19mm"


  • The drawing animation of the USP SE.
  • The firinging animation of the USP SE.
  • The reloading animation of the USP SE.
  • The sprinting animation of the USP SE.
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99.999 NX