The Turkey Leg is a Melee Weapon and a holiday item, only available during Thanksgiving Events.


The Turkey Leg is a Cosmetic Variant of the Tracker Knife. It has attacks similar to longer range Melee weapons, such as the Ninjato. The left-click attack is a single downward swing and the right-click attack is two horizontal swings. Despite the fact that this weapon is rather slow, it can be very dangerous in skilled hands. The Turkey Leg is a baked turkey leg which cannot be eaten. but is an edible item in real life and unfortunately can not be eaten in Combat Arms.



Turkey Leg


Silver I
Turkey Leg


Turkey Leg


  • It is one of the few technically "edible" items in the game, along with the Turkey Backpack and the Candy Cane.
  • A player who logged in-game between 11/27/14 and 12/1/14 would have received this item for a 7 day duration in Combat Arms North America.


  • The drawing animation of the Turkey Leg.
  • The primary attack animation of the Turkey Leg.
  • The secondary attack animation of the Turkey Leg.
  • The sprinting animation of the Turkey Leg.

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