This pump-action is standard-issue for Turkish troops. Holds 5 rounds.
  — Item Description 


The Tristar Cobra Force is a GP Standard shotgun, first released during the 10/18/12 Content Update.

This shotgun in many respects is similar to the likes of the M590 and the M3 Super 90. The Tristar Cobra Force is a pump action shotgun of Turkish origin and it is a strong 2 shot kill to the chest. Its firerate is faster than that of the regular M590 despite the stats saying they are the same.

As with all other shotguns, this weapon should exclusively be used in close quarters where it actually stands a chance of winning gunfights. Its high damage (contrary to the damage stat) allows it to easily 2 shot kill enemies in the front. It can one shot kill enemies if they are already weakened slightly. It may sometimes 1 shot kill a full health light vest user in the back, though it is rare for that to happen.

Its time to kill is relatively slow (as with all other shotguns) so the user will more often than not die in a direct confrontation. It is better to use shotguns in when flanking where the enemy is not aware of the user's presence



Tristar Cobra Force


Bronze III
Tristar Cobra Force


GP Standard
Tristar Cobra Force


  • When reloading the Tristar Cobra Force, one can see green shells are being loaded in. However, when pumping the shotgun after a shot, red shells are seen being ejected out.
  • The in-game description mistakenly states that it holds 5 rounds, when it actually holds 6 in game.
    • The description actually is referring to its real life capacity which is 5 shells. It holds 6 shells in game probably for balance reasons
  • This shotgun has a built in rail, but cannot attach any sort of optic.


  • The draw animation of the Tristar Cobra Force.
  • The fire animation of the Tristar Cobra Force.
  • The reload animation of the Tristar Cobra Force.
  • The sprint animation of the Tristar Cobra Force.

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