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A telescopic sight that provides increased magnification and displays the distance to impact location in real time.
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The Trishot Holosight is a Scope only available through the Black Market. It can only be attached to an Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun or Pistol.


Similar to the ACOG TA1 Scope, the Trishot Holosight displays distance to the aimpoint in yellow digits for distances within a weapon's range and red for those beyond it. The Trishot Holosight has a 3x zoom magnification while the ACOG scopes have a 2.5x zoom magnifaction. The Trishot Holosight also has a clearer view whereas the ACOG TA1 Scope has a hexagon pattern, and the Trishot's 'red dot' reticle is slightly larger similar to the HDS-4 Reflex Sight. Like the ACOG scopes, the Trishot Holosight does not add any special in-game stats other than the player being able to see further.


The Trishot Holosight was available for permanent duration during:


  • The Trishot Holosight is the only scope to never be found pre-attached on a weapon. Thus, the only way to use the Holosight is to directly purchase it from the Black Market.



Comparison picture, note the hexagon pattern and the smaller red dot


AR Trishot Holosight view

Trishot Holosight

High Resolution Picture

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