Transparent Headgear


How to obtain
From the Cosmetic Shop
NX Cost
150 NX - 1 Day
550 NX - 7 Days
1,000 NX - 30 Days
2,500 NX - 90 Days
When equipped, the player's Head Gear becomes invisible

A special cosmetic item for the head. It makes any equipped head gear invisable.
  — Item Description 

The Transparent Headgear is a cosmetic item released with the 9/19/12 Patch. It can be bought at the Cosmetic Shop for 1 to 90 days.


The Transparent Headgear has similar features to the Transparent Backpack, Transparent Facemask, and Full Transparency; all four makes some part of the player's gear invisible. The Transparent Headgear, just like any cosmetic item, does not give boosts of any kind; it is mainly used for customizing the player's look.

The Transparent Headgear can be used on any character except Specialists.


  • Upon its release, this item (along with many other cosmetic items) were on sale for 50% off during the Dress Up Sale.
  • An old bug that is now patched allowed female base characters using the transparent headgear to tank headshots, seemingly due to incredibly high armor points as a 'hidden stat'.

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