Transparent Facemask


How to obtain
From the Cosmetic Shop
NX Cost
92 NX - 1 Day
330 NX - 7 Days
600 NX - 30 Days
1,500 NX - 90 Days
When equipped, the player's Facemask becomes invisible

A special cosmetic item for the head. It makes any equipped facegear invisible.
  — Item Description 

The Transparent Facemask is a cosmetic item, where it makes the player's face gear invisible. This item was released on the 9/19/12 Patch.

It is available at the Cosmetic Shop for various durations.


The Transparent Facemask has similar features to the Transparent Backpack, Transparent Headgear and Full Transparency; all four makes some part of the player's gear invisible. The Transparent Facemask, just like any cosmetic item, does not give boosts of some kind. It is mainly used for customizing the player's look.

The Transparent Facemask can be used on any character except Specialists.


  • The Transparent Facemask was on sale for 50% off during the Dress Up Sale.


Transparent Facemask from case

Obtaining the Transparent Facemask from the Cosmetic Case.

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