Ico rank01

Trainee (TRN) is the rank that every player starts out in the beginning. It is the lowest rank currently achievable and is the symbol for new players(aka as newbs). Trainees cannot access many weapons, cannot join Clans; nor have they been officially accepted into the Military. They cannot also vote kick in the game. Trainee is followed by Recruit.

Symbol of Hacking

Trainees (along with Recruits) are often viewed as hackers, most often because of their rank. This can be attributed to the following:

  • A hacker doesn't bother to level up any single character, and instead opt for creating new accounts to attack the Community.
  • A hacker's main account(s) may have been banned for some other reason (including hacking), so they reverted to a new account to begin a new (and brought hacking with them).
  • Since the penalty for cheating the first time is demotion to Trainee (which usually isn't enough of an incentive to stop higher ranked players from hacking), they simply continue to play after being demoted.

Weapons Available from the Start

Unlocks(As of 7/20/2016)