A titanium tactical axe used for breaching doors and other obstacles such as enemy skulls.
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The Tomahawk is a melee weapon made available in the Shop after the 2-25-09 Patch.


Upon achieving the Command Sergeant Major/V rank needed, players would find that the Tomahawk is the strongest and slowest GP melee weapon available. The damage and the ability to sometimes "one shot" people in the back makes it a noteworthy choice to some people, but most people would rather opt for the Tracker, Ninjato or the Dom Pedro Sword.

This axe of a weapon could be considered close to the G.I. Shovel. Both primary and secondary attacks of these two weapons are identical: both swing straight down for their primary attack and a side-to-side swing for their secondary; but the Tomahawk tends to be a bit slower. If looked at in the player's Gear on the Combat Arms site, it will be displayed as a "Strider Axe" (It was changed to Tomahawk in April 2009).



Phoenix Tomahawk


Silver I
Silver II
Phoenix Tomahawk


  • This melee weapon has about as much reach as the Infected claws.


  • The drawing animation of the Tomahawk.
  • The primary swinging animation of the Tomahawk.
  • The secondary swinging animation of the Tomahawk.
  • The sprinting animation of the Tomahawk.