A Vietnam War-era camouflage worn by soldiers of U.S. Special Forces. Ideal for use within jungles.
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The Tiger Stripe Camo uniform features narrow stripes brush-like strokes of green and brown. Coupled with broader brush-strokes of black printed over a lighter shades of olive or khaki.

During the Vietnam War era, it was considered a visible trademark of U.S. Army Special Forces, LRRPs, SEALs, South Vietnamese Marines, and other elite forces.

This uniform can be best applied in all king of maps, as it makes it relatively easy to blend in with the surroundings. 


Events & Trivia

  • From June 23 to June 29 of 2010, the Tiger Stripe Camo could be bought for one day at 99 NX.

  • During the 99 NX sale 'Stripe' is misspelled as "Tripe".
  • US Special Operations Forces still use Tiger Stripe Camouflage in operations.
  • Wearing the Recon Vest and the Tiger Stripe Camo at the same time will cause the Recon Vest darken.
  • The Tiger Stripe Camo is the only camouflage that changes the Heavy Vest armor color.
  • In Combat Arms Brazil, it's translated to: "Camuflagem de Tigre".