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Main tiger strider
Tiger Strider
NX cost

30 Days - 2,000 NX

90 Days - 4,900 NX

Supply Cases

Ghost Hi-Sec Case




Below Average

Ammo capacity




Not for mercenaries looking to be subtle, the Tiger Strider is a vicious striped blade that can impress the enemy before getting them.
  — The Arsenal 

The Tiger Strider is a melee weapon that was released in Combat Arms NA during the Febuary 24th, 2011 content update. It was first leaked and released in Combat Arms Europe, and was later given away (along with the XM8) in a holiday bonus deal.


The Tiger Strider is a quick and powerful weapon, and the third most portable melee weapon only surpassed by the Tracker Knife and the Brass Knuckles .

The Tiger Strider's primary attack is a fast outward slash, with the inward curving blade facing out. Its secondary attack is a slower hook inward. The stats on the melee weapon itself are deceiving; it has more power then a Tracker Knife, but has significantly less range than it. The range is about the same as the default USMC KA BAR's, though perhaps a bit longer.



Tiger Strider
Leopard Tiger Strider


Gold I
1-Gold Star
Tiger Strider
Leopard Tiger Strider


NX Standard Tiger Strider
NX Rare Leopard Tiger Strider


  • If a player bought an XM8 for permanent duration on the Valentine's weekend 2011, they would have received a 90-day Tiger Strider for free.
  • The Tiger Strider looks similar to a karambit.
  • On a Medium Vester, this knife will, on a chest shot, reduce them to 16 hp in a single strike.
  • If knifed in the back, it is a one hit kill with the secondary attack.
  • It was released in CA BR on 09/05/13.


  • The drawing animation of the Tiger Strider.
  • The primary attacking animation of the Tiger Strider.
  • The secondary attacking animation of the Tiger Strider.
  • The sprinting animation of the Tiger Strider.

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