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Concealed as unsuspecting, everyday items this pistol can sneak into the most secure locations and be assembled on site. Perfect for eliminating any persistent British spies!
  — The Arsenal 

The Golden Gun is a Pistol released in the 3/15/12 Content Update


Supposedly made from 24-karat gold, this weapon is no simpler than its namesake.

An ornate, gold-plated weapon---while flashy---also inflicts decent damage; enough for a two-shot kill in most situations.

The Golden Gun's high portability and exceptional fire rate keep its recoil at manageable levels.



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  • The Golden Gun is a reference to an iconic weapon from the 007 series; the quote being a direct reference to a famed 007-movie: The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • As with the real Golden Gun, this weapon seems to have been made from a fountain pen (the barrel), a cigarette lighter (breech), a cuff-link (trigger), and a cigarette case (the grip).
  • Players have jokingly brought up this weapon when referring to Nexon's former Free-to-Play pledge, which says: "If you're looking for the Golden Gun that will help you pwn everything with one shot, look elsewhere, because it's not here."


  • The drawing animation of The Golden Gun.
  • The slowed down drawing animation of The Golden Gun.
  • The firing animation of The Golden Gun.
  • The reloading animation of The Golden Gun.
  • The sprinting animation of The Golden Gun.

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