The Freezer
The Freezer Abnormality
Name The Freezer
Class Abnormality
Where Found Outpost 31
Speed Slow
Ability Freezing Aura

The Freezer appears in Outpost 31 in Round 9. It has the most health second to the final boss' and leaves a blue trail of ice which freezes, damages and slows down the player. Upon killing it, the Freezer explodes and this can also damage or destroy nearby First Aid Kits. It is also advised players shoot it from a distance to avoid freeze damage or being slowed down.

After losing enough health, it will emit a purple wave of light which increases its speed.

The Freezers inside the capsules of Round 20 are more durable than the others. During this period players should deal with the Freezers since they will slow players down in a round which relies on speed and maneuverability to avoid Dr. MG's attacks.


  • The Freezer uses the same cosmetic skin as the Ghillie Suit uses. The only difference is that The Freezer has an infected face and hands, walks and attacks like an Infected, and has a blue color ghillie suit.

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