The Crawler
The Crawler Abnormality
Name The Crawler
Class Abnormality
Where Found Outpost 31
Weapons C4
Speed Fast
Ability Crawl

The Crawler is an enemy in Outpost 31.


Crawlers wear orange prison suits, and their bodies give off blue-colored flames.

Crawlers are very aggressive compared to other Abnormalities.

They crawl, which is a unique ability, and rush at high speed to players. They do damage via the C4 strapped to their bodies. The C4 strapped to their bodies have a loud bomb beeping sound. Additionally, upon their successful charge onto a player, the Crawlers' C4 detonates resulting in self-destruction.


  • The Crawlers are the first NPCs to use the infected crawling animation.
  • The Crawlers stand up and drop to their knees upon their successful charge onto a player, even though they were crawling to begin with.

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