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The CBL is a Community-run Ban List that publicly displays evidence of hackers, glitchers, and various exploiters in Combat Arms. They are a group of independent people who set up a website to provide a searchable database of players reported for breaking the ToS. The CBL is not affiliated with Nexon and cannot take direct action on a Combat Arms account.


All evidence collected on The CBL needs to be in-game in Combat Arms and adhere to a secure set of guidelines. Users can choose to capture screen-shots or videos of a violation occurring. The CBL accepts reports of Hacking, Glitching, or Exploiting.

When a user files a report on a username, that username is searched in the Nexon database. Its statistics are retrieved and cached on The CBL's server. This is contrary to popular belief; The CBL doe
s not download every single account from Nexon as it is created and it does not update instantly.

Once a user has finished submitting his or her report, the report is sent into the staff area. There are two stages to evaluating a report; Pending and Confirming. In the Pending stage, a report is gone over by an "evaluator". Staff members who are "confirmers" go over said report a second time once it reaches the "Confirming" stage. If a report is of particular interest to the staff team, it is sent to a "Reviewing" stage to be looked over with extra care.

After confirming, a username will be affected based on the decision of the report. If the report was confirmed, the user will become "CBL Dirty". This indicates the username in question has been spotted hacking, performing a glitch, or exploiting the game. If the report was voided, the user will remain "CBL Clean" (unless there are other confirmed reports on the user in question) indicating ONLY THAT the user has not been caught hacking or glitching. A user may be OPKing but still be CBL Clean because no one has reported him/her.

Another kind of report that does not affect the Clean/Dirty status of a player is the "Stat" report. This kind of report simply flags stats that were deemed abnormal by the community. Since there are instances in which players perform above the above average spectrum, Stat reports do not make a player CBL Dirty.

Errors in the CBL

In the event of a problem with a decision on The CBL, a user can dispute the status of a report. This gives the disputing user the opportunity to voice his or her thoughts on why the report should receive the opposite decision of what it was given. Once a dispute is submitted, the report will be re-evaluated by three additional staff members. The majority vote generally yields the final decision. For example, if two out of three of the staff members voted "Confirm", the report would become confirmed. After the vote has taken place, an Admin or Manager will also review the report before updating its status to either Confirmed or Voided. If a user is still not satisfied with the decision on the report, he/she can make a post in The CBL's dispute forums. Further options are documented in the Dispute Guide which is posted above the threads in the Dispute forum, and also on the CBL Wiki.

During the dispute process, a user becomes CBL Clean if there are no other confirmed reports present. Hackers often dispute reports without any just founding simply because they want the report off the Internet.

While there have been many disputes, few of them have resulted in a reverse decision. The CBL is run by Humans, so mistakes are bound to be made. When such mistakes have been made, disputes have been successful in giving the correct status to a report. Most disputes are either incorrect (someone doesn't understand the evidence and assumes it is wrong) or unnecessary ( clan leaders trying to regain Clean status after kicking a member, when all they need to do is view their profiles) or not a valid reason to void a report (such as stating a friend was the one responsible) and this is why so few are overturned. Actual mistakes are few and far between.

CBL 2.0

Due to the heavy traffic on the site and the massive expansion of the features and code, the CBL site was running slowly, and there were many problems with the structure. This necessitated a complete rewrite of the CBL site code. About February 27, 2010, CBL decided to release the new version, so they shut down the report site, so they could upgrade to what they call "CBL 2.0" With a switch to a new site host, CBL 2.0 was open to the public.

Also reopened to registered, verified users is the signature generator, and many new features and apps were introduced. Users now have access to a personalized area called "MyCBL" in which they can unlock features through community participation.

Corruption/Conspiracy in the CBL

The neutrality of this article is disputed.

As the time in Combat Arms progressed, many players complained about being wrongfully accused. Some players were just whining, others were dead serious. It has been suggested in 2010 that there is corruption within CBL, and why many of the most famous, and legit players, have now supposedly rejected CBL, which they once believed was going to be a lot of help. The corruption allegedly goes deep into leaders of certain clans having ties with CBL admins/mods. What some people believe, is what those clan leaders did, was use hackers in their clans, then use their ties to delete any reports from the clan. But it goes even deeper to having wrongfully banned many players. One of the players who accuses the CBL staff of conspiracies, was FallenDark22, a well known montage maker/editor on youtube. His evidence is no longer available for viewing.

While the claims of courruption within the CBL run deep, there is little evidence to support this, images surfacing up only every now and then. There are mistakes made occasionally by the CBL. And unfortunately, when the CBL makes a mistake, it is highly publicized.

Many hacking, and maliciously willed players, will claim to know CBL Staff, or even claim that they are CBL Staff. They will say that they can use their position or friendship with a CBL Staff member to "make someone CBL Dirty". Mostly this is not the case, as only a small percentage of players are CBL Staff. And even assuming they were CBL staff acting in bad faith, only a CBL Administrator (not Managers, not Staff) with Developer access could "make someone Dirty" on a whim, or even remove a report for a "friend" by themselves. The admin roster rarely changes, and most of these people don't even play Combat Arms anymore, which sheds further doubt on the conspiracy claims. All report actions are documented and visible to all staff, the simple truth of the matter is that no report actions can be hidden.


The CBL often receives unwanted publicity because the public is uninformed as to the workings of the service. Those who become CBL Dirty often threaten to pursue legal action against The CBL. This is unfounded as The CBL does not store any of the evidence it receives on its servers. It also receives information that is already in public domain. Users often state that The CBL has too many false reports or accepts any and all evidence. The CBL has a dispute function to resolve any such issue and parties who claim to see several false reports always fail to indicate which reports are false. Some individuals perpetuate these few errors as much as possible while they forget that the staff members are bound to make mistakes when evaluating several hundred reports per day. The actual numbers of incorrectly evaluated reports suggest an extremely small margin of error. Since the community does not see voided reports, they are unable to accurately see this for themselves. Malicious users in Combat Arms often claim they have association with certain community administrators/staff members including CBL Staff. This gives some users the impression that The CBL Staff hand out favors and keep their friends clean while maintaining the ability to make someone CBL Dirty at the click of a finger. There is no method for deleting a report from The CBL; it will always be available as either "Voided" or "Confirmed" after the evaluation process. This means users who submit reports will be able to see all of their reports at all times. There has been no instance of someone maintaining a Clean status due to any connections with The CBL's staff. Additionally, the status of CBL Dirty can only be obtained with concrete in-game evidence. A player cannot just be declared Dirty in a similar manner to flipping a light-switch.

For official information released by the CBL, visit The CBL .


  • When players dispute a report they temporarily turn "CBL Clean".
  • "The CAC", as seen in The CBL's previous URL (, stands for "The Combat Arms Community". It was originally intended to be a small community hosting a dynamic signature generator.
  • The CBL was originally supposed to be a simple Cheat Detector that worked by scanning play stats for numbers above normal. It evolved into what it is today.
  • The CBL started suffering from many programming bugs in early 2010 due to Nexon's updates. The CBL updated to "CBL 2.0" on February 20, 2010 to remedy all known problems with the service.

The CBL fell victim to a detrimental miscommunication with their host in the end of March 2010. It lost over seven days of reports and staff work, forcing the staff to re-evaluate several hundred reports again. The forum lost over fourteen days of posts, contributions, and user registrations.

You can access The CBL by clicking this link: The CBL

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