The Bootcamp was a gigantic event running from March 27th to April 5th, 2009. There were multiple stages to this event.

The Bootcamp

To be eligible to win, one must first download X-Fire, if they have not done so beforehand, join one of the event guilds created by Nexon Europe and simply play.

At the end of the event period, random users who had been playing for the required amounts of time were selected to win.


First Place, with >50 hours of gameplay: Dell XPS 430 Gaming PC Set, including PC and monitor.

Second Place, with >30 hours of gameplay: Dell G2210 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Third Place, with >20 hours of gameplay: Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse, Razer Goliathus gaming mousepad, Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset and Razer Arctosa gaming keyboard. 15 of these prize packs were given away.

The Pro Night

At 19:00 CET, two professional gaming teams showed up to challenge Combat Arms Europe players.

The Swedish gaming team SK Gaming, and the Russian gaming team forZe Ladies, were fighting players of CAEU.

On top of this, 20,000 NX was handed out to random players who participated in these events, as a little motivation to come.

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