Terrain Backpack (2 Slot)

Main terrain backpack

NX cost
90 Days - 6,900 NX
Extremely Low

Weapon Slots +2

Speed -3%

A lighter backpack, created with better, more durable materials.
  — The Arsenal 

The Terrain Backpack (2-Slot) is a backpack released on the 11/16/10 Patch.


The Terrain Backpack is a gear item that allows players to carry two extra weapons onto the battlefield while causing only a minor drop in speed. It seems to be based off of real-world hydration backpacks that have a water pouch and a small storage space inside of them in addition to straps for attaching larger items on the outside of the pack. The Terrain Backpack is much smaller than the other available backpacks and is a muted black color, giving a very low visibility profile which could aid in concealment. This backpack provides several advantages, such as: double the default carrying capacity, a relatively low -3% speed reduction, and the lowest profile of all the backpacks. However, it  remains a rare sight on the battlefield having been less powerful since the Terrain Backpack (3 Slot)'s release.



NX Standard
Terrain Backpack (2 Slot)
Terrain Backpack (3 Slot)
Advanced Terrain Backpack(2 Slot)
NX Rare
Advanced Terrain Backpack(3 Slot)
Most American Terrain Backpack Extension
Canada Terrain Backpack Extension
Global Terrain Backpack Extension


  • This is the first backpack to offer 2 slots whilst only lowering your speed by 3%.This is tied for the fastest backpack possible with more than 1 extra slot.
  • The Terrain Backpack (3 Slot) made this item largely defunct as it offered another slot for the same -3% speed penalty 

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