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Quickly Disconnecting then re-connecting internet access


Everything in the game is frozen for awhile except you.

Tapping (Or Tap, Lag OPK) is the misuse of lag or an Internet connection to kill people. Tap is NOT a real hack, though many people consider it to be so. Tapping is similar to OPK, yet players can target out certain players to kill instead of a whole mass of them. Players normally tap by either having massive lag, or disconnecting/re-connecting an Ethernet cord. This freezes everyone in the room, and so you could just walk up to them and attack. Reconnect the Internet, and all damage done while offline will be accumulated onto the target(s). Targets range from usually just a single person, or in serious cases everyone on the opposing team (If they are not dead/respawning).

How to identify a Tapper from an OPK'er

The main difference between Tapping and OPKing is that OPKing happens gradually, meaning kill by kill. When some one is Tapping, all kills he/she made will happen all at once. For example, if he/she kills three people, those 3 people will die simultaneously. Another difference between the two is that OPK'ers can kill at anytime by will, but they can't single out a certain person. Tappers, on the other hand, can only kill every so often and have the choice to kill a certain person or a certain number of people.


  • Many consider Tapping to be OPKing. It is not.
  • As mentioned earlier, Tapping is NOT a real hack, just a serious exploit.
  • It is possible for tapping to be accidental. This occurs when the situation provided to a player by his computer is not the same as the one provided to the victim. For example, to a player, it may seem that the victim was running against a wall/fence, and therefore stuck, but to the victim, he had moved to the side or jumped over the fence.
  • Before several patches, Tapping was rampant in many game modes, especially Spy Hunt. Many would just Tap the Super Spy as soon as someone got it and receive a very large amount of EXP and GP.
  • Currently, any slight disconnection will immediately kick the player out of the game, making Tapping rarer than before (for now). However, it still remains very possible for players to Tap.
  • If you are Kicked (Elite or Vote) from a room while tapping, you will not immediately be kicked. Until you actually reconnect, you will just run in place or take unlimited damage. Unfortunately, any kills achieved during this time will be scored before you are kicked.
  • Tapping is one of the most commonly used methods for cheating, with glitching only a close 1st.
  • Tapping was once deemed unpatchable because of the inability to detect it. In response, Nexon chose to make sure that any disconnections would result in a players kick from a room.
  • There are now some hacks that Tap for a player. In essence, these hacks automatically disconnect your internet connection, then reconnect after a certain amount of time the player sets.

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