Tap Firing is a tactic used by many players. It involves firing a weapon lightly, instead of using its full firing mode capacity.

How It's Done

As mentioned before, this technique of firing a weapon is mostly seen with automatic weapons that have attached optics, mostly the ones that zoom in (i.e. ACOG's and built-in telescopic scopes, although guns with red dots still benefit from this).

When entering the battlefield with, say, an AUG A1, many will notice that the usage of zoom-in scopes do not necessarily help the gun's insane inaccuracy when let loose on fully automatic. Tap firing pretty much solves this problem, but only patient learners can successfully execute this constantly. When zoomed in, the player simply needs to NOT hold down the trigger, but instead click the firing button once at a time in a constant beat. Due to the weapon's ability to stay constantly controlled from the lack of automatic recoil, the weapon will virtually have very little Bullet Spread and Recoil, while still being able to fire multiple bullets. This definitely helps a lot for fully auto weapons that can zoom in, and it is one of the most used firing technique when zoomed in with a G36E, as shown by the well known game reviewer Baxstar himself in several reviews (mentioned and shown).

An important note is that the player must be careful of his/her tapping of the trigger; tap too rapidly, and the gun would pretty much go automatic and the weapon once again would be uncontrollable zoomed in unless stopped and redone. The player also needs to be aware that each weapon has a different amount of recoil, and should be tapped at different speed in relative to the recoil. For example, the AK-47 requires slower tapping than the K2.

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