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This vest, normally utilized by tank crews, provides the first class protection of a Heavy Vest while still maintaining a good degree of mobility.
  — The Arsenal 

The Tanker Vest is a vest that was added in the 2-3-10 Patch. It is available at the Black Market, and can be purchased with NX in 30 to 90 days duration.


The Tanker Vest offers +17% damage reduction while slowing the player down by 9% which is good for the players who enjoy staying back, like a tank.



Tanker Vest


Silver III
Tanker Vest


  • The Tanker Vest rivals Hauser's Commando Vest.
  • In Combat Arms Brazil it was translated to "Colete Protetor".
  • Currently, the Tanker Vest offers the best protection of all the purchasable Vests in terms of damage reduction.
  • The name could be a reference to the term "tank", which is used to refer to someone who has survived a direct hit by a one-hit kill weapon.
  • The Tanker Vest can be considered to be the brother of the Recon Vest, as they both come pre-colored white and give a big boost to either armor or speed.
  • On the 11/03/11 update, the Tanker Vest was on sale permanent for 19,900 NX, making this the first permanent vest.
  • The Tanker Vest has its speed displayed as +9% instead of it's actual value -9% in the Combat Arms Reboot Update. It has no actual changes to it's stats.