A rare edition of the TRG family, combining increased portability with a varied magnification scope to compliment the powerful magnum rounds it uses. Support for a larger magazine lets mercenaries unleash 10 rounds before reloading.
  — The Arsenal 

The TRG SE is a NX-Rare Sniper Rifle introduced during the 01-19-11 Content Update. It is found only in the Supply Crate MYST-N.


The TRG SE is a unique sniper rifle. Even though its scope has the same outward appearance as the TPG-1 scope, it functions as the double zoom scope previously exclusive to the M107CQ series of sniper rifles. It boasts a large 10 round magazine (compared to most bolt-action sniper's 5 rounds) with two extra magazines in reserve, bringing the total ammo count to 30. This gives the TRG SE an advantage over other bolt-action snipers, as most of them have 5 - 7 bullets in a magazine (e.g L96A1, M24). The TRG SE also has a high accuracy statistic, only one point shy of 100. The TRG SE has a faster draw rate, compared to the other TRG variants, allowing quickswitchers to fire many shots in quick succession.




  • It features the stock similar to the Dragunov series while having a muzzle brake, like the L96A1 Black Magnum. The TRG SE, like most snipers, has an unusable bi-pod. It also has a double zoom scope, which was previously exclusive to only the M107CQ series.
  • This gun suffers from some damage drop-off, but not as much compared to the TPG series. In Kill Creek, the TRG SE can fail to kill Heavy Vest users at long ranges (as seen here people have a very high tanking rate when wearing heavy vests). 
  • If a player were to zoom in to the first magnification, shoot, and stay in scope, the scope will zoom in to the second magnification before zooming back out for the cocking animation.


  • The drawing animation of the TRG SE.
  • The firing animation of the TRG SE.
  • The reloading animation of the TRG SE.
  • The scoping animation of the TRG SE.
  • The sprinting Animation of the TRG SE.

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